New Nevada THC Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold

Are you ready to start making professional-looking infused chocolate bars? Here is our latest Polycarbonate Mold release coming in early August!

Bold Maker aims to provide quality molds that fit the needs of the infused candy industry. We strive to help everyone enjoy the fun and rewarding world of candy making.

Each piece is complete with compliant Nevada State Regulatory Symbol for THC (Cannabis) infused products. These chocolate bars are evenly divided into 10 breakable sections for easy and convenient dosing.

All of our chocolate molds are made from our highest quality food-grade polycarbonate, meaning not only are the molds resilient to high usage, they are easy to clean, both dishwasher and boiling water safe, and appropriate for both hobby and commercial use. 

Why polycarbonate? Polycarbonate means that your molds will last longer than conventional materials. Traditional materials are subject to stress, particularly in a high usage, commercial environment. Our molds withstand not only the stress of high use, but also the stress caused by machinery, ingredients, and chemicals involved in the cleaning process, meaning you can be confident in your manufacturing process.

The NV THC Polycarbonate chocolate mold features;

  • 10-section bars
  • 5 bars per mold
  • Nevada NV THC regulatory symbol on every piece
  • Strong, 3mm Thick Polycarbonate
  • 135mm x 275mm PC Mold Size

Nevada 10pc THC Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold

Share your product across State Borders. This 10-section Chocolate bar design is available in 4 other SYMBOL variations;

  • Massachusetts/Maine THC Triangle Symbol
  • Colorado THC Diamond Symbol
  • CBD
  • Plain (NO SYMBOL)


These molds will be available early August. Contact us now to pre-order your new Nevada THC Chocolate molds.


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