bold maker Silicone Molds for Candy, Chocolate, Gummies & More

Today we are happy to launch three new products in our emerging Food-Grade Molds catalog. 

bold maker Silicone Molds for Candy, Chocolate, Gummies & More

We have worked with artisans, crafters, chefs and confectioners all across the country to develop these unique molds.


We set out to solve the problems of conventional candy molds

bold maker Silicone Molds for Candy, Chocolate, Gummies & More

NON-STICK: Nothing beats FOOD GRADE PLATINUM SILICONE for it's Non-Stick properties. No mold-release needed! This proprietary food-grade silicone material releases easily from ANY candy. 

EASY TO CLEAN: Smooth surfaces mean less time spent washing! Molds come clean easily with warm water. 

LONGEST LIFE: Each Platinum Silicone mold is expected to last for at least 5,000 castings. Purchase with confidence, thanks to our 1-Year NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED replacement guarantee. 


We recognize a major defficiency of quality food-grade molds in the edibles industry. With the legalization of CBD, and the soon-to-be legalization of THC, the use of medicinal additives in foods is ever-growing at alarming rates. 

These silicone molds are great for chocolate as they are soft and release easily from the hardened chocolate. 

Hard Candies, Gummies, Taffy, and other sweet treats all work very well in these molds. 

Custom tooling is expensive, confusing, and may take 8-12 weeks OR MORE to complete. 

We offer the highest quality mold we can produce with cutting edge manufacturing technology. Engineered for any application from a small home kitchen, to a full scale manufacturing facility. 

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