Massachusetts Cannabis Market bold maker custom molds

Bold Maker Studio is at the forefront of production ready tooling for the Cannabis edibles market. We have gone through countless hours of testing and design to bring you the BEST food-grade molds in the industry.

Of course with Massachusetts being our home base, we have 7 new Massachusetts Cannabis Compliant molds that are available NOW!

Our Massachusetts Regulatory molds range from 10 cavities to 216 cavities per mold. We also offer custom solutions capable of offering more cavities per mold including any regulatory symbols or custom logos. Feel free to contact us here.

Massachusetts Cannabis Market bold maker custom molds

We offer molds for lolli-pops, hard candies, soft gummies, and chocolate & caramel molds and more!

All our molds are designed with the end user in mind. This allows for scaling of production like never seen before. Our customers have also seen a staggering 80% reduction in labor costs across the board. From casting your candies to de-casting, and even clean up, we've made it as simple and easy as it gets!

Every mold we make meets and exceeds the regulatory criteria for the Medicinal, and Recreational market.

Go check out our molds NOW! You can produce 1,000,000's of candies in no time!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to check out our blogs! We will be posting more blogs soon on the other Regulatory states we have available.

Stay Tuned!

- Bold Maker Team :)

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