Specialty Food Molds

Molds engineered for slab-pouring methods, depositing machines (Universal Depositor, Baker-Perkins Depositor, Uni-Fill Depositor, etc), and fully automated machines. Custom designs back in 48 hours. <24 hours in most cases. 

Readymade Food Molds: 14 varieties ... and growing

Custom Food Molds: Fast communication, fast delivery. Shipping to all US and Canada. Shipping worldwide vis DHL. 

Over 20,000,000 gummies and candies made! And growing!

Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds

Off-the shelf chocolate molds for CBD and other infused candies. Bold Maker Studio is the only destination for Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds with State Regulatory symbols for Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Florida, California and Canada. New designs are being added regularly, in order of popular request.

Custom Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds

Custom molds are what we do best. We help companies big and small by working with you to understand your unique project and application. Your input is evaluated in-house and we get working immediately. Renders in 24 hours.

3 week Lead time for Tooling PC molds

Minimum Order: 250 Polycarbonate molds

500 molds +7 days

2,500 molds +12 days

5,000 molds +15 days

5,000+ molds: Contact Us

2-3 week Lead time for Tooling Silicone Molds

Custom Dry-Pressed Tablet Molds

Design the shape, logo, symbol, size...

Minimum Order: 2 steel die molds for $990

Max Order: 100 dies/week

Minimum Tablet Size: 5mmx3mmx3mm

Maximum Tablet Size: 22mmx22mmx10mm

Engineered Food Solutions

Depositing Systems, Wrapping, Bottle Filling, Packaging, Automated candy filling, automated De-Molding, racking and storage, materials and ingredients, infusions and flavorings, chocolate molds and equipment, pill press tools and machines

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