Our Bold Promise:

We promise to deliver superior quality, service and expertise to makers of all sizes. 

We are confident our molds will endure years of use and will not show signs of degradation, but for your peace of mind every mold that leaves our facility is covered by the Bold Maker Platinum 18 Month Warranty! No hassle exchanges within this time period. Our clients are clients for life, we are always here to offer help and expert guidance from your first communication with us to long after you have received your Bold Maker molds!

Please be aware that your warranty will be deemed void under these circumstances:

  • If the molds have been deliberately damaged (single or repeat use of sharp objects/kitchen equipment/ scissors/ knives/ scrubbers/ steel wool etc on any of our products) 
  • If you notice that you have caused damage to one mold, please do not go on to damage your other molds as we will not be able to replace them due to negligence. 
  • If the molds have been baked or frozen outside of the stated temperatures for each mold. (These temperatures will differ between Polycarbonate and silicone molds). Please refer to the 'Mold Care' section on every product page or send us an email at info@boldmaker.com if you have any questions about mold care.
  • If you have not followed all of the outlined 'Mold Care' advice for each mold type. 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at info@boldmaker.com, we are more than happy to help you make sure that your molds are taken care of.