46mL 20pc MA/ME/RI Luxury Design Chocolate Bar Mold - THC - PMAL3



46mL 20pc  MA/ME/RI Luxury Design Chocolate Bar Mold - THC - PMAL3

Mold Specifications:

  • Shape: Plain Rectangle Bar with beveled triangles
  • Candy Cavity Volume: 46mL
  • Pieces Per Mold: 4
  • Mold Layout:  1 x 4
  • Mold Size: 275 x 175mm
  • Total Volume: 184mL
  • Part Number: PMAL3

Depositing Compatibility: 

  • Hand Fill 
  • Flood and Scrape Method 
  • Universal Depositor 
  • ATG 400/500 Series 

Product Qualities:

  • Compatible with filling machines and hand filling
  • Food Grade Approved 
  • Can be baked in an oven or frozen
  • Strong Polycarbonate (3.0mm thick)
  • Proprietary Polishing Process
  • Will not warp or shrink 
  • Maximum detail
  • Extended mold life (expected 8+ yrs)
  • Much Faster Demolding
  • Recommended mold type for chocolate 
  • Precise dosing

Mold Care:

  • Your molds can be hand-washed, washed in a dishwasher, or steam cleaned within CDC Sterilization Guidelines (3-4 minutes exposure at between 270°F-277°F)
  • If handwashing your molds, use warm or hot water and a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Dry your molds at room temperature or on a dishwasher drying cycle. 
  • All molds designated for food use should be stored in a cool, dry place that is in a clean and sterile environment. 
  • Your molds can be stacked for storage.
  • All of our Polycarbonate molds can be used in a freezer and withstand temperatures from -30°F up to 300°F
  • It is not recommended to use Polycarbonate molds in an oven
  • Recommended to be used with gloves to encourage a hygienic working environment 

Experience The Bold Difference 

We are here to help you create exceptional products. The Bold Maker Service and Support Team work with you every step of the way, saving you headaches and precious time during your product development cycle!

Not all silicone is equal! Bold Maker Molds Have Zero Unnecessary Add-ons, Colorants or Distractions!

Bold Maker is one of the longest standing Mold making companies in the industry. We use our years of experience and expert knowledge to provide you with the most accurate and valuable advice to make sure you stay ahead of the curve! Our molds outperform in all areas of production speed with outstanding physical material properties for which our products are known for. Tried, tested and trusted by the industries largest companies.

Increase your production times and relieve common bottlenecks in your production volume. With rapid de-molding qualities, expert engineering that increases the number of cavities for ultimate optimization and efficiency, and Intricate machining, adding micro precision detail to each piece. Our molds will save you money, time and will vastly improve the quality of your finished product!

 Our Bold Promise:

We promise to deliver superior quality, service and expertise to makers of all sizes. 

We are confident our molds will endure years of use and will not show signs of degradation, but for your peace of mind every mold that leaves our facility is covered by the Bold Maker Platinum 18 Month Warranty! No hassle exchanges within this time period. Our clients are clients for life, we are always here to offer help and expert guidance from your first communication with us to long after you have received your Bold Maker molds!

*Final weight may differ and depends on your candy or substance density. This weight is calculated assuming 1.2g/mL chocolate density (specific gravity). If you have any questions then please contact us and we can help you figure out the weight of your product in our molds. 

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