5mL Split Circle Gummy Silicone Mold - Plain - 96 Cavities - SDP26

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5mL Split Circle - Platinum Silicone Injection Mold

Product  Specifications:

  • Mold Size: 275 X 377mm (10.8 x 14.8")
  • Cavity Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 10.5mm (1 x1 x .4")
  • Layout: 8 x 12
  • Spacing: 34.1mm (1.3")
  • Cavity Volume: 5mL
  • Estimated Weight: 6.5g
  • Total Volume: 480
  • Pieces per mold: 96
  • Part Number: SDP26

Product Qualities:

  • Compatible with depositor or hand filling
  • Food Grade Approved 
  • Can be baked in an oven or frozen
  • Recommended up to 390*F
  • Proprietary Polishing Process
  • Will not warp or shrink 
  • Maximum detail
  • Extended mold life (expected 8+ yrs)
  • Much Faster Demolding
  • Precise dosing

We are confident our molds will endure years of use and will not show signs of degradation, but for your peace of mind we offer a one year warranty.   

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