Taking your small business or large scale operation from Manual Casting (Slab pouring) to an Automated or Manual depositing solution is a breeze!

Bold Maker has worked with several customers on many applications. A lot of our customers use the slab pouring method to start their operations. "Slab pouring" typically consists of pouring the liquid material over the mold and squeegeeing the material into the cavities. This method is great, easy, and effective but still has it down falls where using a depositor can help.

Manual Depositors

Bold Maker Universal Depositor for Candy Molds Manual Depositor

A Manual Depositor is a simple and straight forward way to take your operation up a level. It works by loading the mold on a baking tray into the registration rails. The depositor nozzles will be aligned with the cavities, then you crank the arm to fill the first row of your mold. The depositor will automatically shift the nozzles forward so the next row of the mold is aligned, then repeat with a metered dose. This will ensure the cavities are filled precisely each and every time. Once all the cavities have been filled, reload a fresh new mold and keep filling!

Automated Depositors

Bold Maker Universal Depositor for Candy Molds Automated Depositor

An Automated Depositor is for maximum efficiency, and getting the job done while minimizing operator error. There are a few different types of auto depositors. Depending on the application you may need a stationary depositor or a belt fed depositor.

A Stationary depositor is a table top machine (pictured above). These depositors are organized besides one another, and work by manually placing a mold onto the registration tray. The nozzle then moves along an axis and fills each cavity based on the customizable user input. Once all the mold cavities are filled, then you can swap out the mold and repeat it.

The Belt Fed depositor has a conveyor belt to place several molds in a row. There are registration rails for mold placement, and the nozzles find the cavities based off customizable user input. As the mold moves beneath the dispenser it fills the cavities row by row, and will repeat the process for each mold. This machine allows for several molds to pass through in a single row formation and allows for loading and de-loading of multiple molds at once.

We currently have many Standard Food Grade Molds that work with automatic and manual depositors. Any further questions? Speak with a member of the Bold Maker team for more information, click here.


  • Greg Gerard
    • Greg Gerard
    • November 9, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Looking into what you have for automated depositors that would connect to a belt feeding system.

  • Thomas John Messer
    • Thomas John Messer
    • August 24, 2020 at 11:57 am

    looking for a machine for cbds

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