Trust Us, We Love Our Sports

As a New England-based company, we naturally take pride in our sports teams. Not a day goes by where you don't see a logo in our shop, whether its the Pats, those Sox, a huge black and yellow 'B', or of course, Lucky the Leprechaun from our very own '22-23 NBA conference Finalists, the Celtics. 

So to have an opportunity to collaborate and work with the team at Small Wins, was in fact a Big Win for our sports loving hearts - but why? Because Small Wins is in fact co-founded by our very own PF, Jayson Tatum.

Making a Small Win, a Big Win

Working alongside our Business Development Manager, Mary Merritt, the Small Wins team (CEO and co-founder, Mike McDonald), wanted to create gummies that fit the Brand. Small Wins is in essence a healthy, plant-based, low sugar alternative to regular gummies, and aimed at both Kids and Adults.

With cool little characters representing some of our favorite fruits, the challenge was on for our design team to produce multiple shapes, and ensure that the end product looked just as good as it tastes (and trust me, they taste great!).

Following an initial design mockup led by Bold Maker CEO and Lead Engineer, Jason Matses, the Small Wins team were happy to receive intricate 3D renders, and see their characters come to life. As well as a 3D render, a prototype mold was created and shipped overnight to the team.

Small Wins chose to utilize our Platinum Silicone products, made in-house right here in Amesbury, Massachusetts; a perfect choice for an operation of this size, with compatibility options for all major depositors.  

So as you can see, another project, another success - and a Big Win for Small Wins!

Learn how Bold Maker can help you create the candies you deserve by contacting us today, and we can connect you with the Team who can help!

Big Wins for your Health 

Being Plant-based, Small Wins contain all-natural flavors and colors, preservatives derived from fruits, vegetables, and other plant sources. The sugar content of these candies is significantly lower than that of regular candies (organic cane sugar and 90-95% less overall sugar), and all candies are made here in the USA. 

Added to this, Small Wins candies are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, vegan and Non-GMO.

Small Wins Candies can be purchased within the United States direct from their website here, and are available in both sour and classic flavors.

Our sincerest thanks go to Mike McDonald, Jayson Tatum and the Small Wins Team for trusting us with your project!


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