I didn’t think about selling them until friends and neighbors were asking for pops every time they came over to visit.
Jacqueline King is the founder and CEO of Rabbit Foods. She reached out to us in 2023 wanting to make custom rabbit popsicle molds. We spoke with her about everything from her inspiration on getting started, to her future plans, as well as some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Rabbit Food smoothie pops and packaging. Molds by Bold Maker

Q: What inspired you to create your small business, Rabbit Foods?

The idea for the business came about during the pandemic. Like most people, we had stocked up on frozen goods prior to lockdown. Every morning our son Quinn, who was 3 at the time, would run in and try to get ice cream for breakfast. After saying “No baby, you can’t eat ice cream for breakfast!” about 25 times, I thought to myself... what if I could make something that tasted like ice cream but was healthy enough that you could eat it at breakfast?

I went to school at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and a big part of the program was adapting recipes to make them more nutritious. I leaned on that training and started developing a plant-based “ ice cream” recipe that was included fresh fruit, spinach, and dates.

After years of refining the recipe, I started making single serving frozen pops so I could give them to my kid in the car on the way to school. I loved that they were portion controlled, which also made it the perfect snack for me after a hot yoga class. I didn’t think about selling them until friends and neighbors were asking for pops every time they came over to visit.

My focus with the business is to create fun and convenient products that make healthy eating more enjoyable for everyone. I hope we’ve achieved that with our cute rabbit-shaped product, colorful illustrations, and whimsical storytelling on the box. It’s exciting to finally see people enjoying these pops that have been years in the making.

Q: How's business today and where do you plan on taking it next?

We just launched at the farmer’s market in Beverly Hills , CA and have been busy with birthday parties and corporate events. I wanted to start this business in a small and manageable way where I knew I could provide a great product and a fun experience for our customers.

Next we’re launching into some independent markets around Los Angeles and planning some pop-ups for this summer. Eventually we hope to be in grocery chains with wider distribution so people all over the country can enjoy our pops.

Rabbit Food smoothie packaging. Molds by Bold Maker

Q: Any tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Just start! Ask yourself every morning- what can I do today to move my business goals forward. Even if this question leads to a baby step, it means you’re moving in the right direction.

I started this business with a to-do list in the notes section of my phone. I put the most pressing items on top and future to-dos at the bottom. I gave myself a timeline on major to-dos, especially if they weren’t fun, like applying for permits or getting insurance.

I think it’s good to have mini-goals to help keep things moving along in a timely fashion. I still have the same to-do list on my phone. I just keep adding to it and crossing items off when they’ve been accomplished.

The other big recommendation is to look into programs affiliated the small businesses administration. We’re blessed to live in a country that has government-funded programs that support people who want to start a business. Why not take advantage of them?

Check out your local small business development center to get personalized business advice. They have counselors with expertise in different fields ranging from permitting, to legal issues, to social media marketing etc. Visit this link and enter your zip code to find your nearest SBDC - https://www.sba.gov/local-assistance/resource-partners/small-business-development-centers-sbdc.

It can be overwhelming thinking about starting a business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. No one can do it alone!

collage of rabbit foods smoothie pops, molds by bold maker

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