So you have the molds, you have the vision, but do you know which flavor you would like? What about your recipe?

Bold Maker has teamed up with not one, but TWO incredible friends who can help you create the gummies you want!

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Melt to Make

Need a Ready Mix? Melt to Make, a Massachusetts-based company introduced by the cofounders of Heritage Hemp, produces industry-leading ready-mix in a range of flavors! The all-natural gummy formula comes in a standard 100 gram puck, and is currently (at time of writing) available in 14 flavors, which can be easily melted down and mixed with your botanical extract. The brainchild of CEO’s Sarah McLaughlin and Tim Van Epps, Melt to Make ready-mix has taken the science to a new level, and done most of the hard work for you. 

Melt To Make Pucks

Want to buy Melt to Make pucks? Pucks start from $359.44 for a 10kg case, and can be purchased on the Melt to Make website here

Want to trial the mix? Head to Melt to Make and tell them Bold sent you! Simply add a sample pack to cart, and use discount code BOLD to enjoy 50% off a sample pack. 

Greyer Cannabis

So you’re confident in the science, you want your own flavor, on your terms, and you’re ready to go. Want a recipe for perfect gummies? Greyer Cannabis has you covered! 

Greyer Cannabis has teamed up with us to produce two recipes!

Greyer, a Cannabis Consulting firm headed by industry vets Brittany Gomez and Spenser Sullivan, lead the field in consultation; from recipe development to regulation, kitchen design and everything in between. The ‘gray area’ of the industry (hence the name) is something that both Brittany and Spenser long to jump into, and with experience that comes with this approach, Greyer has developed both a Gelatin and Pectin recipe that is available to budding gummy and candy makers alike.

Greyer Cannabis About Us

Both Pectin and Gelatin recipes are available on the Bold Maker website, and as standard come with;

  • A Standard Operating Procedure Workflow for the entire manufacturing process, from gathering equipment, to curing gummies
  • Detailed data for ingredients required
  • Access to recipe after-support from Greyer Cannabis
  • Access to exclusive offers from Bold Maker, and a dedicated Bold Rep for your mold needs

So you now have everything you need to make your gummies; what are you waiting for? Our sincerest thanks go to Sarah and Tim, and Brittany and Spenser for teaming up with us and pushing the industry further. Be Bold!

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