The Cannabis Control Commission, the Regulatory Body responsible for the regulation of marijuana in Massachusetts, has introduced an online catalog of licensed products in MA. 

The catalog, containing approximately 126,000 products, was created in an effort to raise public awareness of legal products available in Massachusetts. With recent negative publicity concerning edibles and minors, this is seen as a first for any State Regulatory Body in North America.

Any user aged 21 or above, from law enforcement, to teachers, manufacturers, and the general public, can view basic information including CBD/THC dosing, the manufacturer, the license number, and photos of the product (where available).

If you are Massachusetts based and are concerned if a product is legal or illicit, the database can be found on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission website

About Bold Maker

Bold Maker is proud to serve the Massachusetts Marijuana Industry, as well as the wider industry in North America and beyond. As the leading manufacturer in the industry, we are proud to see a number of our customers’ products on the CCC Product Catalog, signaling our compliance with Massachusetts Law, and our commitment to ensuring compliance for our customers. 

Our efforts lie not only in creating products that defy expectation, but keeping you informed on regulatory affairs, and efforts that are being made to further legitimize our exciting industry. 2021 is becoming a year for exponential growth, and we will be there with you every step of the way. 


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