The Marijuana Legalization Act requires the use of an 'Universal Symbol' indicating that a container, package or product contains marijuana or is a marijuana product.

Maine's Office of Marijuana Policy has recently announced they are partnering with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to officially adopt the "Universal Symbol' that has already been successful in Massachusetts.

With Maine and Massachusetts being neighboring markets, this should allow for potential cross-pollination for businesses and local economies.

Maine will require this symbol to be used by all Adult-use Marijuana licensees. The symbol must be at least a half inch by a half inch and displayed on the most marketed area of the package. For edible marijuana products, each single standardized serving of marijuana must be marked, stamped or otherwise imprinted with the universal symbol directly on at least one side of the product. It may not appear less than a quarter of an inch by a quarter of an inch. These details and more are included in a non-exhaustive guidance document made available to interested parties.

It will not be required by dispensaries or caregivers operating under the Medical use of Marijuana Program, but the state is encouraging the implementation of the Universal Regulatory symbol. See below for Regulatory symbols.

Maine Massachusetts Regulatory symbol bold maker
Maine Massachusetts Regulatory symbol bold maker


Maine also has an additional icon that indicates "NOT SAFE FOR KIDS", while it is not required, it is encouraged for use as it may help with ensuring children aren't exposed to these products.

The best part about this news is... Our Massachusetts Regulatory Symbol molds can now be confidently used in Maine for the Adult-Use Marijuana market! We have 5 standard off the shelves mold including our newest MA Chocolate bar mold.

Bold Maker Studio is proudly located in the state of Massachusetts, if you are located in Massachusetts and have ANY questions regarding edible production, molds, or general information. Please make sure to contact us here.

Maine Massachusetts Regulatory symbol bold maker

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