Bigger and better than ever before, our newest Platinum Silicone molds are serious manufacturing tools! Bold Maker has just released 4 brand new designs in Half-Sheet Pan Sizing. These silicone sheet molds are easily integrated into any kitchen environment using traditional sheet pan sizing. 

4 New Square Designs, Half Sheet Pan Size

1.0mL Square = 494 Pieces

2.0mL Square = 368 Pieces

2.5mL Square = 300 Pieces

3.5mL Square = 234 Pieces

These Silicone Sheet Molds fit two molds to a pan, so DOUBLE those numbers to see how many candies you can make on a single 18x26" tray. 

These molds are great for manufacturers who want to standardize on sheet pans and get the maximum output. Users benefit from an array of sizes and volumes that fit in the same format, making it easier to pivot from making one product to another. 


bold maker 1000 Candies One Sheet Pan


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