Massachusetts requires a few things when packing up those yummy infused edibles

  1. Regulatory symbols are required to indicate cannabis is in your products. These symbols are used to prevent children and others who cannot legally ingest infused edibles. (Symbols below)
  2. Edibles sold in the recreational market cannot exceed 100mg of THC per package. Each individual edible inside the package cannot exceed 5mg of THC per piece.
  3. It is prohibited to reference any Medical symbols, Marijuana images, Marijuana-related paraphernalia, and everyday terms used in correlation to marijuana.

The Regulatory Massachusetts Cannabis Packaging symbols are the images below. These both MUST be included on the packaging. Another option to implement these symbols is having them imprinted on your edible goods. 

bold maker Massachusetts Regulatory Symbols for Cannabis

These are some of the highlights from the Packaging regulations. There are many more, and you can find this information in the links supplied below. The more informed, the better!



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