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Why is a smaller edible the perfect edible to produce? What makes a smaller edible the perfect choice when consuming infused candies? Here at Bold Maker, we've seen a tremendous rise in the use of 1.5g to 2.5g cavity size molds! From producing to consuming we've found that the demand for smaller size/dosage candies are very popular.

A few reasons why a smaller is better

  1. Smaller candies can be easier to consume

  2. Allows for micro-dosing, and being able to control the amount taken

  3. More candy per retail package with smaller dosage candy

  4. Easier to travel with, and have on your person

  5. When producing smaller candies, due to the size; a smaller overall size allows for maximizing the footprint of the cavities which allow for a much higher production yield

Overall, smaller candies and edibles are on the rise

We're excited, and very curious to see if this trend continues! Would you like to start making the perfect sized edibles today? Don't forget to check our growing catalog of high end food grade molds!

candy samples from Bold Maker's 1.65ml berry candy depositor mold


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