You have the molds - now here's the gummy base.

As part of our Showcasing Partners in Action series, we introduce Melt-to-Make - a high quality, all-natural gummy base solution for your manufacturing space.

Whether you are a startup looking for a quick solution, or a fully-established professional kitchen, Melt-to-Make carries a professionally formulated, all-natural gummy base, in a variety of colors and flavors.

The idea behind Melt-to-Make is simple; produce a product that is easy to use, and takes the difficulty out of formulating a recipe, meaning you can focus on other areas of your product and brand.  

Our professionally formulated Melt-to-Make™ gummy bases are 99% complete, simplifying your production process. All you have to do is Melt, Pour, and Pop! - Melt-to-Make

See how Bold Maker molds and Melt-to-Make gummy base work seamlessly together in a professional kitchen environment, along with the DSSMD10-G Depositor from Dupre Solutions


Looking to try a sample kit for your business? Head over to Melt-to-Make for sample kits, which include Gelatin or Pectin gummy base, and a Bold Maker sample mold. 

For bulk orders, or more information on how this solution can help your kitchen, head to our dedicated Melt-to-Make page here

The DSSMD10-G Depositor, from Dupre Solutions

A space saving, fully-automated and programmable Depositor aimed at small production runs, the DSSMD10-G is a 10-nozzle, deposit-volume adjustable solution from Vermont-based Dupre Solutions. 

With an internal memory capable of holding multiple recipes, this depositor is capable of undertaking multiple production runs with minimal preparation time needed in between. If you are looking at producing multiple SKU's in a space-limited environment, this depositor is for you. 

For more information and technical specs, head on over to Dupre Solutions here.


Bold Maker is an industry leading mold manufacturer, based in Amesbury, MA. We design and engineer mold solutions for multiple industries, including mainstream candy, THC and cannabis markets, and the chocolate industry.

Specialists in custom molds, and with 10 years of industry experience, our team of Designers and Engineers have created solutions for some of the biggest confectioners and suppliers on the planet. 

If you are looking to create a product that exceeds expectations, contact us today and learn how we can work with you to create a solution.

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