Polycarbonate molds are perfect for casting chocolates, chocolate bars, truffles, and ganache filled chocolates. Whether you run a commercial kitchen, or want to have fun making tasty confections at home; these are the solution for you.

Top Reasons Why Professionals Choose Polycarbonate

  • BEST Surface Shine possible on chocolate

  • BEST Cooling and setting properties

  • BEST Storage and stacking system

  • Easy to flood and scrape

  • Rigid PC plastic lasts decades

  • Easy to clean

  • Sized for Universal Depositing machines and most chocolate machines

Looking for rigid molds for your CBD or THC infused chocolates?

Bold Maker has just released 9 NEW RIGID Chocolate Molds
bold maker Polycarbonate Molds For CBD & THC Chocolates
Among this selection we have THC & CBD molds with Regulatory Symbols.

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